Musique irlandaise du Clare et East-Galway - Irish music from Clare and East-Galway

Here are a few tracks (soundboard) of the concert at the CIMT in .mp3 format. Just click on the tracks you want to listen to.
Voici quelques suites du concert au Centre des Musiques Traditionnelles, en sortie de table et format .mp3. Cliquez pour écouter.

1 - A Wink to Vincent Griffin, with a Birl (reels)

2 - ...They Tap their Feet Anyway... (Joe Cooley in San Fransisco) (jigs)

3 - The Three Counties (reels)

4 - She Moved through the Fair (song)

5 - Master Cooley's (hornpipe and reels)

6 - Killaloe Farewell (waltz and slip-jigs)

7 - February Reels (reels)

8 - The Pleasures of Housekeeping (jigs)

9 - The Galway Bucks (barndance and reel)

10 - Done with Bonaparte (song)

11 - Paddy Canny's Castle (jigs)

12 - Sean Ryan Meets Ed Reavy (reels)

13 - Champagne on Spike Island (reels)